The #1 solution for parents and businesses. Time Guardian parental control software can assist parents and individuals to control and monitor time spent on computer applications. Manage individually or in groups such as games, internet, and more...

Easy to set-up & use

Thanks to Time Guardian's intuitive, attractive and easy to use interface, customising and maintaining the software is a breeze. Also, thanks to a comprehensive quick start guide and set-up wizard you will be up and running in minutes!

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Do it your way!

Manage time quotas for individual programs, or group them into program types (such as games, internet browsers, messaging, etc.) and control how much time can be spent on each. You can even restrict which days of the week or hours of the day certain programs/groups can be accessed.

Management & reporting

As an administrator, the password protected central control panel enables you to customise and make changes to the time quotas / restrictions at any time and on-the-fly! You also receive comprehensive reports on what software is being used, when it's being used, and how much of it's quota has been taken up.